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1 serial port for Configuration and Debug (CONSOLE),
1 LAN access 10/100 Mbps (100BT),
1 Uplink access: E1/T1 or ADSL or G.SHDSL (2 or 4 wires) or SDSL
The following functions/interfac
es can be optionally offered:
1 Serial access V.28/V.11/V.35/V.
36, in DTE or DCE mode, with
autodetection of the electrical layer (Vxx),
1 ’IPSEC’ encryption accelerator,
1 managed switch with 5 ports (SWITCH).
The addition of a daughter board enables
the installation of one of the following
1 S0 ISDN Backup,
1 Modem access (V.32, V.32bis,
V.34, V.90, V.92) (PSTN),
2 RS232 accesses V.28 (RS 232).
A slot is dedicated to provide voice/data se
rvices by means of the following interface
4 or 8 analog voice accesses in FXS,
4 or 8 ISDN S0/T0 accesses (voice/data), which can be configured in TE or
1 or 2 ISDN T2 access (voice/data).

Beschaffenheit: gebraucht

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